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About Us

Childhood lays the foundation for later years of life. Everything that we learn in our childhood remains engraved in our mind. It regulates and determines our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviour throughout our lives. All things learnt in childhood builds a core for constructive future.

We believe that along with academic knowledge, children also need life skills that aid in personal growth and development. This program is based on developing skills like emotional intelligence, resiliency, interpersonal abilities, critical thinking, stress management and problem solving abilities that play significant role in building up endurance among children and understand daily life in depth. Moreover values like compassion; empathy and self-awareness if inculcated during childhood, not only promotes healthy growth and development but also enables children to flourish successfully in life. Our Intelligence contributes around twenty percent to ascertain life success, whereas, eighty percent of success is determined by life skills we cultivate. The focus of the curriculum is not problem based; on the contrary, it is a comprehensive approach for the promotion of well being and overall enhancement of a child. This would significantly aid in the all-round development of the children, making them well prepared, adaptive and resilient individuals who can master diverse situations or phases of life.
Inculcating these skills and conscience in childhood helps children develop identity and integrity in adulthood. It averts them from engaging in maladaptive and high-risk behavior such as drug use, alcoholism and other deviant behaviors.

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